Diet and Nutrition Counseling Center

Diet and Nutrition Consultancy

Nutrition counseling is a special nutrition plan that is tailored to the individual, taking into account his/her needs and expectations, and shaped as a result of the necessary body analyses. While preparing the nutrition plan, expert dietitians determine the most suitable diet lists for the person.

For the first applications to nutritional counseling, it is necessary to fast for two hours before coming, bring the results of examinations and blood tests performed in the last 6 months, and specify the medications used.

After the application, sessions are generally held once a week or at a frequency mutually determined by the dietitian and the client.

Body analyzes are performed with a body analyzer accompanied by a dietician. However, in some exceptional cases, it is preferred not to perform body analyzes. These situations; The client has a pacemaker, is pregnant, is missing a limb, or has a platinum implanted anywhere in the body. In order for body analysis to give the most accurate results; It is necessary to be hungry for the last two hours, not to be constipated, not to have consumed excessive caffeine or alcohol the day before, and for women, not to be in menstrual period.