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Our experienced doctors with years of expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and modern hospital assure you reliable and high-quality healthcare services.
We make a difference in the industry with 24-hour emergency care services for adults and children, as well as a variety of healthcare services in various medical specialties. We focus on the idea that people of all ages should lead a healthy life and concentrate on maximizing benefits in our services.

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    We Prioritize Human Health

    We provide comprehensive healthcare services for your family, relatives, and you.

    TOBB ETÜ Faculty of Medicine Hospital offers more than 30 medical specialties. It is equipped with comprehensive facilities and a renowned professional staff for diagnosis and treatment. The best healthcare providers are the most skilled in understanding and focusing on real needs. Therefore, our healthcare professionals consist of some of the best in the industry.
    To promote your own and your family's health
    To live in prosperity and happiness
    You can choose TOBB ETÜ Faculty of Medicine Hospital to take a step towards a healthier world.

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    We also provide low-cost services for those without health insurance. You can fill out the appointment form for any type of healthcare service requirement.

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    Protect your health with examination, treatment, and care services. Regular health check-ups help prevent serious health problems.

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    TOBB ETÜ Faculty of Medicine Hospital operates with a focus on quality patient care, well-being, and satisfaction. Embracing the values of trust, gratitude, and generosity to achieve maximum levels of excellence through personalized care and efficient use of resources. It promotes a high-quality public health system.