International Patient Services

The International Patient Services unit refers to the medical purpose travel of an individual to another country or state. TOBB ETÜ Hastanesi provides support to patients and their families from all around the world in English, Arabic, Russian, Kurdish, and Azerbaijani languages. It allows patients and their families to feel at home in Turkey without experiencing a sense of foreignness.

For those who prefer entrusting themselves to more competent professionals, TOBB ETÜ Hospital is the best choice. Our team of expert doctors with extensive experience in a specific field provides services to patients from all around the world. TOBB ETÜ Hospital promises professional, patient-centered, and ethical healthcare services to treat any illness across more than 30 different units.

Focusing on advanced and sophisticated medical treatments, TOBB ETÜ Hospital has both the equipment and an experienced team of doctors capable of treating any health issue.

What we offer in the field of healthcare:

  • Providing interpretation and support from personnel proficient in foreign languages.
  • Appointment scheduling.
  • Communication with international insurance companies.
  • Hospital admission procedures.
  • Post-treatment follow-up support for the patient.

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