What is Child Health and Diseases?

The department of child health and diseases is also called the department of pediatrics. In general terms, it can be explained as the science that deals with the development of the child or the branch of medicine that deals with babies and children.

Each sick child is referred to other branch physicians after an examination in the pediatric department and if necessary. For mild flu and similar illnesses that can be treated on an outpatient basis, the intervention of a pediatric clinic doctor will be sufficient.

The Department of Pediatrics deals with all kinds of health problems that negatively affect congenital anomalies, motor development, growth, mental health, child vaccination follow-ups, nutrition, weight control, neurological health problems, daily life functions and general health status. If the pediatrician thinks that detailed examinations are necessary after the examination, she will refer the patient to physicians who specialize in sub-branches of pediatrics.


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