Reconstructive Plastic Surgery


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Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery)

Aesthetic and functional nose reconstruction (Rhinoplasty, Septorhinoplasty)
Face rejuvenation (face lift- blepharoplasti, revising the areas around the mouth, treating wrinkles)
Endoscopic face and forehead lifts, eyebrow lifts
Correction of prominent ear and all plastic surgery operations required around the ear area (otoplasty).
Chin augmentation and Mentoplasty
Scar revision and correcting skin irregularities
Hair transplantation – replacement
Laser applications (chemical peel, rectifying freckles and vascular malformations)
Mammoplasty : breast augmentations, reduction mammaplasty, and mastopexy
Liposuction, suction-assisted lipectomy, abdominoplasty
Leg contouring (using liposuction, injections, or leg implants)
Implants (soft tissue prosthesis) for contour restoration (hip and thigh implants, male pectoral (breast) implants-leg implants)

Skin Care and Interventions



Reconstruction of lost tissues on hairy skin, the forehead, the face, and the neck; management of scars and burns (injuries); browplasty, forhead lifts, and eyelid lifts; otoplasty; rhinoplasty and lip enhancements; treating facial disfugurements, burns, scars, animal bites, fractures of facial bones, benign, and malignant tumors; treating saliva gland disorders, and tongue tumors; treating congenital facial abnormalities such as cleft palates, left lips, and birth marks; treating facial paralysis sequelae; correcting figure impairments connected to accidents, injuries, and burns; correcting functional impairments; correcting previous surgery and injury scars; treating temporomandibular joint diseases; surgical management of neck tumors…


Management of bedsores; diabetic and vascular wounds, correcting of disfigurements due to previous wounds and burns, and restoration of functional impairments; correcting congenital chest wall deformities; treatment for malignant and benign tumors on or underneath the skin; correcting asymmetric breasts, deformations such as large breasts due to breast development disorders, and insufficient breast development in girls; removing excess breast tissue in men (gynecomasty); breast reconstruction for breasts cancer patients that have undergone mastectomy operation; treatment for various injuries; treatment for genitalia abnormalities and injuries; sex change operations…


Emergency and early stage treatment of hand injuries; correction of congenital abnormalities such as syndactyly, oligodactyly, and polydactyly, and creating functionality; correcting figure impairments connected to previous wounds and burns, and functional impairments; treatment for skin tumors of the hand; treatment for paralysis of hand nerves; treatment for peripheral nerve syndromes…


Treatment for benign and malignant soft tissue tumors and injuries that lead to loss of tissue; treatment of chronic wounds due to diabetes, peripheral vein insufficiency and Burger disease; treatment for congenital or acquired diseases that lead to cosmetic and functional problems such as walking, management of elephantiasis (lymphedema)…


Treatment of benign and malignant, congenital, or acquired skin tumors; treatment of congenital vascular abnormalities; revision of scars due to tattoos, previous injuries, and burns; replantation missing tissues of fingers, hairy skin, the tip of the nose, the tip of the penis by microsurgical techniques (microsurgery); treatment of burns, radiation damage, and reconstruction of missing tissue with tissue expansion techniques…

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