Nursing Services

Nursing is a health discipline composed of science and art. It aims to help both individuals and society. In line with this objective the most essential things for nursing are protection of health, healthcare and treatment. In the nursing profession, first of all, nurses analyze the needs of the patient, they plan the service and finally they assess the outcome.

Nursing requires moral conduct, understanding as well as occupational experience and knowledge. Being ethical in the light of the new information and conscience are the most important aspects of this profession. Nursing requires respecting patients and their rights. It is crucial for a nurse to understand changing needs of patients, their expectations and providing an effective service for them. They should profess without any discrimination such as nation, color, belief, age, gender, political and social status.

Our nurses perform their jobs in accordance with the hospital’s vision, mission, basic values and the international accreditation standards while respecting scientific outcomes. According to a nurse, every individual should receive the same nursing care of good quality.

In Private TOBB ETU Hospital, Director of Nursing Services is the executive manager under board of directors. The directorate of Nursing Services provides many advantages such as offering faster solutions and agreeing with the decisions. The staff of the Nursing Service are deputy director, supervisors, quality and education nurses, chief nurses, specialist nurses (infection control, diabetes, cardiovascular surgery case managing and surgery case nurses) nurses, obstetricians and the health support staff.


Diabetes Nurse

Diabetes Nurses are the consultants of patients with diabetes and they both care and educate these patients in this field. This consultancy service can be rather face to face, through mobile phones or e-mail. The patient arranges the hours and the day of the training. The nurse follows the patient up once every 3 – 6 months.

Responsible Nurse of Quality and Education

Quality and education nurse is responsible from educating nurses of TOBB ETU Private Hospital Directorate of Nursing Services. The responsible nurse is in charge of educating, monitoring, planning, assessing the outcomes and the orientation of the newly hired nurses.

Nutrition Nurse

The nutrition nurse works along with nutrition support team of the hospital. The nurse follows current developments and informs other nurses in the respective field.

Responsible Nurse of Infection Control

The responsible nurse of Infection Control works in collaboration with the hospital’s infection control committee. Their aim is to prevent infections. The responsible nurse works also with employee safety committee in order to prevent occupational accidents.

Pain/Stoma and Wound Care Nurse

Pain/Stoma and Wound Care Nurse educates patients, provides consultancy and care services both during the preoperative and post-operative period of the surgery. They provide treatment for wounds and pain.

Cardiovascular Surgery Case Managing Nurse

This nursing service provides support for the cardiac patients during the preoperative and post-operative period of their surgery.

Breast-Feeding Counselor

The breastfeeding counselor educates the mother and her relatives in the respective field. The counselor supports the mother both prenatally and postnatally.

Cardiovascular Surgery Case Management and Counselling (Şahan Demir)

Diabetes Training (Fatma Fidan)

Pain/Stoma and Wound Care Training (Hüsne Gümüş Zülkadiroğlu)

Breast-Feeding Training (Hülya Şahin)


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Trainings of Nursing Services

1.Nursing Services Orientation

2.Compulsory Trainings

3.Specific Trainings

4.Voluntary Trainings

Assessment of Trainings

Assessment of effectiveness of the trainings and yearly performance of the staff.


University students from nursing departments may apply for internship. In order to get further information please contact Responsible Nurse of Quality and Education Nilgün DEVREZ from 0 312 292 9900/ 4826-extension.

Quality of Nursing Care

1.Hospital patient’s satisfaction rate for nursing services

2.Outpatient’s satisfaction rate for nursing services

3.Nurses’ average period of education

4.Identification errors

5.Medication errors

6.Patient Information rate

7.Diabetic patient rate consulting emergency department

8.Hands hygiene

9.Complications’ rate depending intravenous administration

10.Reducing the risk of patient’s falling from beds

11.Rates of pressure sore

Scientific Events

Nurses may request attending national and international scientific events both as an audience and a speaker to the administration. TOBB ETU Private Hospital supports the nurses whose request is approved.

Participation Table of Scientific Events 2013-2014-2015

Scientific Event




Congress (audience)




Congress (presentation of papers)




Congress/ Training (speaker)




Training Program




Symposium /Panel/Conference