International Patient Services Unit

International Patient Services Unit

TOBB ETU Hospital International Patient Services Unit provides support to patients and patients' relatives from all over the world in English, Arabic, Russian and Azerbaijani languages; and all the services for our patients and their relatives in order to feel them in their homes without feeling like a foreigner in our country are given by our department.

* Provision of support by interpretation and foreign language speaking staff,

* Appointment scheduling

* Communication with international insurance companies

* Airport-Hospital-Hotel transfers

* Support for visa procedures

* Estimated service pricing

* Hospital admission procedures

* Preparing medical reports in requested language

* Follow-up support after the patient's treatment

Naile Mamedova

Naile Mamedova

Language Pусский
Phone 00 90 312 292 97 19

Gonca  Kaya

Gonca Kaya

Language English
Phone 00 90 312 292 98 46

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Fax: +90 312 292 9910

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