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What is “Capsule endoscopy”?

Capsule endoscopy is a method, which ensures visualization of entire small intestine and colon, if required. The capsule is swallowed, which is similar to a vitamin tablet in size. This capsule takes photos, minimum two per second, and those images are transferred to a recording device, which is attached to a waist strap similar to devices used for ECG traces.

What is “Capsule endoscopy”?

Those adhesive receivers and recording device are removed at the end of record time, and images are converted to a film, using a computer software, and results are evaluated by a doctor on computer monitor. Capsule endoscopy makes physician get quality images of small intestines and colon in a comfortable and pain-free way.

What are preparations?

Patient is allowed only tea, coffee and pulp-free drinks and fruit juices, before capsule is swallowed. A laxative agent is ingested to ensure cleansing of small intestine in order to increase image quality. Patient should be fasting for 12 hours, before capsule is swallowed.

How is procedure carried out?

Receivers and recorder are wrapped and attached on your body by nurses in next morning, and the capsule is swallowed with one glass of water. Next, patient may go on dealing with daily activities. A small amount of liquid is ingested 2 hours after capsule is swallowed, a light food can be eaten 4 hours later. Record is terminated 8-10 hours after capsule is swallowed, and the capsule is defecated. Receivers and recorder are removed and images are transferred to computer by doctor.

What are conditions, which would benefit from this method?

  • Cases with small intestinal disease suspect,
  • Idiopathic iron deficiency anemia and silent intestinal bleeding suspect,
  • Polyps and tumors of small intestines and celiac disease, albeit not eligible for all cases,
  • Patients with chronic diarrhea or malabsorption (absorption disorder)
  • Small intestine injuries secondary to medicines

- Colonic polyp/cancer screening

Who are not eligible?

This procedure is contraindicated for patients, who have known or suspicious gastrointestinal obstruction or swallowing problem. There is no contraindication for patients with pacemaker; however, heart rhythm should be monitored.

Are there side effects?

Capsule can be entrapped in colon in less than 1% of patients. In this case, endoscopy or surgery may be required to remove capsule.

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